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Web Design
The first step in making a web site is determining the content, organization and look of the material that needs to be on your site. These decisions are informed by the goals you have determined for your site. This is a very crucial step whose importance cannot be underestimated in the creation of your site. We view this as a separate endeavor from making your actual web pages. You may go through various versions of what you would like before actual web pages are created. If you are a graphic designer or visual artist you may already have a clear idea of what you would like and we are happy to work from your files, layouts or storyboards.

Web Development
Once the content, organization and the look of your site has been decided the pages that make up your site are created. We specialize in making pages that are user friendly to those with little or no computer expertise, load quickly and work easily on both windows and mac platforms and current systems using the current major browsers (explorer, safari, firefox, opera, seamonkey, mozilla).

Web Maintenance
We provide web maintenance at a rate of $50 per hour. You will be billed monthly. This rate schedule is designed to keep the site up to date. If you wish to add pages to your initial structure, redesign or do other major work we suggest you get an estimate for the work. Once a web site is created it is important to understand that it will require upkeep. This will mean keeping all information on your site up to date and fresh as well as updating code requirements (the standards for writing code and the way that each new browser version reads that code is constantly changing - this means a site that functioned well once could begin to have problems in how it functions as time goes along unless the code is kept up to date). Maintenance should be considered as part of your overall budget when putting a new site together.

We offer private instruction to individuals who would like to update and maintain their own sites or minimize the work necessary to make web pages by contributing to tasks such as image preparation. This can be done at our location, your location (within the NYC area) or via phone. The rate is generally $50/hr. depending on the particulars.

Graphic Design
Our customers often need postcards, stationary, business cards or print media or other identity or branding products and we're happy to provide that service. Costs on a case by case basis - hourly rate $50/hr.

Digital Imaging and File Preparation
We provide digital imaging services - slide, negative or print scanning, image color correction or retouching, image processing for print or sizing for the web and effective email attaches.

Ask for a free estimate for your project.
Review the organizational tips below. Contact us at any time and we will give you a free estimate based on our conversation with you.

Tips for organizing and preparing information for your website.
Come to us prepared with a thoughtful sense of how you think you would like your information organized. It is our role to advise and guide you in this area. However the more organized you are about your needs, the better the collaboration. It is important that you adjust your sense of what you would like to include to the variables inherent to web design. This means that you should keep any type or font (text styles)and expectations simple. Streamline your information to its simplest components. Viewers move quickly through a site and you want to get your information out quickly and not bog it down with too much text or "bells and whistles" inappropriate to the content of the site. Also be aware that there are many types of computers on different platforms running on a variety of systems using various versions of those systems. Each of these varieties is using a different server and different browsers and different versions of those browsers. What all this means is that a good design must stay flexible enough so that these variables will not impose themselves on the usability of your particular site.

We suggest that you surf the web looking for sites that you particularly admire for various reasons such as button design, layout, navigation systems, readability or other features you think will be important to your web site, and note the url of the sites you think show features that you like (or dislike). Any input from you that helps us produce a site to your liking is desirable.

We will provide any service you wish to create your site, but if you wish to keep the costs to a minimum or work within the confines of an economical starter site you must provide all the resource materials necessary to put the site together - images, text/content.

We begin creating the site when we have the resource material and the down payment (see below for payment schedule).

Do you provide any copy writing or editing? - We have a skilled staff to do copy writing and editing for you at a rate of $70/hr. or $30/100 word count if you cannot prepare text yourself.

What are your payment terms? - We require a nonrefundable down payment of 30% of the estimated cost of the site based on our initial consult and estimate or 100% of the design fee. When we arrive at 50% completion we require the next 35% to continue and the final 35% is due within 10 days after completion. Any additional cost follow the same schedule. If payments are not received in a timely fashion we reserve the right to disable your files on the server. We do accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards.

What consultation do you provide? - We will guide you through the logistics of how to put together your resources for the budget that you have and the resource material you have. We will also work with you on learning how to set up your site email and how to read and comprehend your site statistics.

Do you provide site maintenance services? - Yes, we provide a monthly maintenance service of updating information in your existing site structure at a rate of $50/hr.

How long does it take to get a site up and running? - Depending on how busy we are at any given time it generally will take about 2 to 6 weeks (for a "small site") to complete your site once all source materials have been received (the complexity and size of your site is a big factor). When you are ready to begin we will outline a reliable schedule for you.

Will I be aware of incurring additional cost? - Yes, we will always inform you when you exceed a limit or request an action that will cost you more, prior to our proceeding. We will not proceed with the work until we receive acceptance of costs from you via email and in some cases additional down payments will be required.

What exactly is an "estimate"? An estimate is a binding (for up to 2 months after it is issued) cost quote based on the information you provide. However if the information used to make this estimate is incomplete or is altered, costs will change.

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